31 July 2012

my queen is better than yours!

I'm slightly obsessed with the waving queen the boy bought to our home and couldn't resist to do a comparison with the real one during the Olympics opening ceremony. Although I didn't catch her majesty in her best face, my queen is definitely nicer :).

The queen actually showed to be a good sport by doing a mini clip with James Bond Daniel Craig and pretending to enter the Olympic stadium by skydiving. Kudos for her! (See the entire scene on BBC at moment 29:00)

Another funny moment was when she was caught on camera playing with her nails, while team GB was entering the arena. I can't blaim her, it took fooooorever for all the countries to do the parade.

My little fake queen has a handbag with a mini solar panel which powers her waving right hand. It can be hypnotizing I tell you.

(And yes, I can find bazillions of things to distract me from my work, yes I can)

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  1. i'm thinking of getting one - or one of those japanese waving cats :D


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