30 July 2012

weekend stories

The Olympics have finally arrived and kicked off with a huge party friday night. I let go my resistance and watched the opening ceremony. Some moments were actually beautiful (the final torch moment was quite incredible and seeing artic monkeys performing made me quite happy) although in general I found it all a bit too long and boring in bits. I have this feeling that the Olympics are a bit anachronistic and I don't see much sense on it, but hey I have two weeks to see if my mind changes. So far I've been able to escape the chaos in town. My daily schedule is slightly peripherical to the most crowded areas although I've seen thousand of olympic volunteers everywhere. 

Since the weather was nice we celebrated a friend's birthday with a picnic on Saturday! You can never go wrong with picnics. And you can never go wrong with film too :). I have been quite analog recently and lately all my digital pictures are from the iPhone (except the picnic one). I've been carrying my beloved Pentax with a black & white and the LC-A with a color film doing a double exposure experience. Let's wait for the results!

Sunday I headed into town to pick some pictures for my clients (yey so happy to spread my images around the world! You can still get your discount until tomorrow! Hurry hurry - happy 20%). I was very naive to get on the cycle-hire bikes as it started to rain heavily and I couldn't find a docking station so got totally wet. Finally I left the bike and took the bus home. Relief!

What's better to warm you after a soak? Tea and toast oh yeah! Who need summer, right?
Then I did a special packaging for one of my prints which will be a wedding gift :). Packaging is my favorite part when I'm preparing an order and I don't think I've ever sent out two of the same. I have so much fun!

How was your weekend? 
Wish you a lovely week! Mine is going to be soooooo full of work but also love as my beloved is finally returning home after some (very long) time away.

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