Hello! I'm Sara and welcome to my blog!

I started blogging in 2004 after moving to Japan for a lifechanging experience. You can read about it here (sorry, only in portuguese). On my return to Lisboa - Portugal in 2005, I started {moshimoshiii} and this has been my life notebook since then.

This blog is about the things I love: photography (digital and analog), art, cities, travel, japan and my life.

I have a great love for photography and photo projects. My passion for photography started in Japan and has been growing. I started with digital photography but quickly fell in love with analog cameras and today I shoot both.

I also love to travel and experience new places. I have lived in Oslo - Norway, Tokyo - Japan and now  I live in London - UK with my favourite man in the world. 

I would love to hear from you so feel free to write me to: letterstosushilover[at]gmail[dot]com

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