29 June 2012

summer in london #3

summer in london is quite different from what i'm used to. no southern european extreme temperatures, no weekend escapades to the beach, no praising of air conditioning. it actually comes and goes in a very erratic mode and you never really know how the next day is going to be. you never really know how the next hour is going to be.

i don't complain though. i never really liked the melting (or fainting almost) feeling when walking in the street, or the freezing air conditioning that makes you sick. although it can be depressing to wake up to a cloudy and raining day in june i enjoy the milder temperatures and the fresh breeze.

still i was quite surprised with the last film i develop: it was all so summery! from the beach in brighton, to the hampstead heath ponds, ice cream vans, the queens jubilee celebration, my birthday picnic, flowers i got as gift, the whole film was filled with sunshine.

all shot with my lovely pentax and ferrania solaris 200 (expired 2008).

i'm not having summer holidays until september and still don't know if there will be something then so i plan to enjoy what london gives me the best way.

are you going anywhere this summer?


  1. I am also staying in Copenhagen for the whole summer. Never tried it.... let's see... until now going well. So much things happening in this city in the summer !

    1. I'm sure you'll enjoy! I had the best summer one year in Olso. Scandinavian summers are the best!


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