28 June 2012

a walk in northen london

two days ago i went for a 7km walk in northen london. london is such a great city to walk, compared to lisbon. it's mostly flat, with large sidewalks and very lively. i like strolling around with my camera, i never get bored, only tired!
i get the feeling i'm getting quite botanical here. i'm always amazed how every little green corner in london is so luxurious - flowers seem to grow everywhere with no effort. i guess there are good things of being such a rainy country. and the little gardens in front of the house's entrances? so beautiful.

and you, do you like to walk your city? do you take your camera with you?

1 comment:

  1. não tanto como gostaríamos... mas é um óptimo exercício!
    bom flaneur!


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