21 November 2011

that fresh feeling

two months in london so far and as expected it feels like years since i left lisbon.
when you move to a different city (well, when you move in general) there are always so many things to do (get a house, get the phone, get the pillows, get the pans, get the bank account, get internet, get, get, get) that time just flies. then there is the incredible excitement of the new place, the new people you meet, all the novelties of the unknown that make everyday exciting.
london has been treating me so well. i’ve walked and walked its streets, been to exhibitions, cafes, restaurants, parks, bookshops and cinemas. well most of the time i’m actually stuck in a room studying and working but i’m treasuring every break i can get! and to be honest being stuck in a room studying and working is a such a privilege.
but i don’t believe every londoner sees london like i’m seeing these days and i wonder how would it be possible to keep this magic enchantment to last. i mean, i’m originally from one of the most beautiful cities in the world (yes, lisbon – if you haven’t been you're missing out on something) and yet it was so easy to find lisbon dull and boring. that was one of the reasons i joined couchsurfing, to see lisbon through a foreigner’s eye. it was magic and refreshing, i re-discovered my own city, i was forced to leave the sofa and the neighborhood to do sightseeing, to walk around and to be amazed again with the city i take for granted.

so far london is magic and refreshing. will it ever be boring?


  1. erg....it could..it takes a personal effort not to fall into the mist of grayness that surround us.

    ps... welcome!

  2. i guess we always get bored...

    ps: thanks!


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