29 November 2011

on frustration

how well do you deal with frustration? i'm lousy at it, i tell you. i get angry, i get harsh, i get helpless, i get depressed.
these days i'm seeing myself as a control freak and i'm not enjoying it. i envy so much people that just relax and seem to go with the flow. they seem to do the best they can and when things don't work out... well, there's always another day... do these people really exist? could i be one? a less stressful person less able to get angry and frustrated? what's the secret? how do you deal with your frustrations?


  1. Frustration happens to me when I am in a period of bad luck. Last month I dropped my phone in the toilet, I sent something important with the post that got lost and everything at work was just failing (with apparently no reason). I was annoyed and frustrated, but my friends told me that the bad luck will go away and if you are doing your work you will have good results eventually :) so don't get paralised by frustrations just keep on going! that's my strategy...

  2. i'm a bit like you i guess, always planning ahead, worrying about execution and details... but sometimes, when i'm way over-stressed, i recognise i'm over-worrying about something and i repeat to myself "don't sweat the small stuff"... and then "it'll be ok in the end. if it's not ok, it's not the end".

    sometimes, it works! :)

  3. Mafalda! Que saudades! É bom saber que continuas por aqui!:))
    Tentar não ficar parada a "curtir" a frustração é um grande desafio mas é a melhor atitude!

    Ana, obrigada! Tentar ser mais relaxada é preciso! Hj dei um bom passo: voltei ao ioga! Tão bom, embora me troque nas indicações em inglês...

  4. sim estou presente!! as tuas fotos estäo melhores que nunca!!


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