11 November 2011

11/11/11 - 11 things I love about london

i like this number coincidences. i like this calendar supersticions. although this wasn't the best of days - had a headache, spent all day working in a room with no windows and I'll be working till late* -  still is a special day.

so i thought i could write down 11 things I like about london. here they are:

1. parks - i don't thing i will ever get tired of walking in a park, any park.
2. regent's canal - walk walk walk :)
3. art art art - galleries, street art, museums, libraries
4. street shopping - i think it's the best way to shop, walking on the street, not in a shooping mall.
5. markets - same reason as previous but even more authentic
6. double deckers - i know, so turisty!
7. british accent - and a café lady caaling me love.
8. central heating - no more cold winters :P :P :P portugal!
9. world food - even with little money you can taste the world
10. urbanism - low rise buildings, small single houses, this city is designed for people.
11. energy - this city is boosting!

i'm curious to come back to this list in a couple of months!
how did you spent this special day? can you tell me 11 things you like about the place you live?

* but with some rest i kicked my migraine away and had the best of dinners - sausage, apple and fennel with mash - so life is great again!


  1. agree with every little letter in that list!! ;)

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Que lindo o seu blog! Adorei as fotos, os posts... E adoraria conhecer Londres, que ainda não conheço...e conhecer todas essas 11 características que você destacou!

    Camila Faria

  3. @ Purple: :D
    @ Camila: Obrigada! Espero que um dia venhas até cá, é uma cidade fantástica!


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