11 September 2012

weekend stories

Great news! I have submitted my dissertation and so I had my first c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y free weekend in what it felt like ages! of course we enjoyed a lot! Friday night we did the ultimate british program and went to the dog races! The dogs were soooo fast I couldn't manage any good picture, but you can think of this Blur album cover to get an idea. Of course we had to bet and even without understanding a thing we all managed to win a race! Now that I'm a millionaire... nope! I only bet 2£ and won a whooping 4£! Yahoo.

This betting guy was an old school one (papers and pens while everybody else had computers) and always looked so serious!

Saturday was a lovely day so we went for a picnic under the trees, organized by our chilean friends. I learned that September is a whole month of partying in Chile, celebrating their independence. You are supposed to eat and drink a lot and dance "cueca" and other traditional dances. My friends loved the "cueca"!

The sunset was absolutely stunning.

Like this city needed more things to do, Saturday and Sunday there was the Thames Festival in Southbank. It was full of shops, food stalls, happenings and... people!

A nice view of Blackfriars bridge, St. Paul's and the City skyscrapers.


And at night: Carnival! Very nice, full of colour and different "acts" from all over the world: japanese, colombian, brazilian, african, caribe, etc... and I must say nicer that the famous Notting Hill one.

The last car was a brazilian one. Quite nice.

And you? How was your weekend?


  1. yay for dissertations being delivered and free weekends! this weekend i had a second calligraphy class, and paulo ran a 10k on a zoo (and came out on 26th!) :)

  2. Congrats!! well done and great Pics!!
    My weekend was calm and relaxing with shopping, dinner out and on Sunday a nice get together where I ate amazing suspiros :)


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