01 September 2012

on choices

Right now a really good friend of mine is getting married 2,000 km away from here. And I am here stuck in London unable to celebrate with her and our friends this new start in her life. It cost me really a lot to tell her I couldn't come to her wedding. Being away sometimes really sucks, I've been missing birthdays, parties, new babies, so much. Don't get me wrong I am having an amazing year in London and also learning some lessons. This year has been a truly learning year on taking decisions, sometimes hard ones (not only friend's wedding but life decisions too) and then be ok with that. Oh yes, be ok with that is the hard part.

Recently I watched this interview with Elizabet Gilbert (watch it via swissmiss) that really striked a chord with me. The hardest lesson is not to learn to say no to things you don't want to do but to learn to say no to things you really want to do.

Yes, I really would like to be now in sunny Portugal celebrating my friend's love but things didn't work out that way. And I must learn to be ok with that.

Congratulations F. and I know you are the happiest and most beautiful bride today!

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