23 July 2012

weekend stories

This weekend started earlier on Friday afternoon with a friend's wedding! It was a very simple and beautiful ceremony (in which I got tearful... god, I'm such a crybaby) followed by a nice lunch and some drinkings in what is now for me London's most amazing bar: Paramount. The views are superb. Highly recommended if you are in London.

On Saturday I had to make for the previous celebrating afternoon so I stayed at home trying to work. Wasn't much successful so I thought it was a good idea to head to Angel with some friends and dance the night away. It was so much fun.

Oddly enough on Sunday I woke up fresh and jumped out the bed to enjoy the long desired sunshine in this city. London gets an amazing vibe when it's sunny. I think everybody gets slightly hysterical (I know I do). I went to the park for a solo picnic and some study (it actually worked!).
Being barefoot in the grass is the best feeling. A lot of people were just laying on the grass and soaking some sunshine. Now let's see how much it lasts.

How was your weekend? Wish you a lovely week!

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