24 July 2012

/// shop news and a gift for you ///

If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed that I added new prints to my beloved shop kanpai!. It's been a while since I've done a shop update and I'm quite pleased with the new additions. I hope you too.

So what's new?

/// let's travel /// available here

Oh to travel, to loose countries... A scenic moment on the transiberian railway when crossing the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

/// green deck chairs /// available here

Summers in London, enjoying the greenery. I capture this relaxing moment in Hyde Park.

/// a summer day at the beach /// available here

Stripey chairs forever! This one was captured in Brighton. Doesn't it have a great summer vibe?

/// paris lavender windows /// available here

Elegant design and a touch of lavender. Oh it makes me miss Paris!

/// geraniums by the window /// available here

Nice geranium embellished detail of a Parisian window.

/// unlock my heart /// available here

Last but not least. Love is everywhere!


So what do you think? Like them? Which one is your favorite?

And now the gift! I'm offering 20% discount in ALL the prints in the shop, not only the new ones!!!

It's valid until the end of the month (July 31st), doesn't include shipping and all you have to do is insert the coupon code XMASINJULY on the checkout.

So go on and stock some presents for Christmas! If you want your print giftwrapped just tell me on the section "message to the seller" or write me at hello.kanpai [] gmail.com and I'll prepare a beautiful gift wrap for free!


  1. aquelas stripey chairs de brighton... <3! :)

    1. :) obrigada!
      Não queres uma? Pode ir com cheirinho a chá a caminho de Berlim...

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