09 April 2012

these days

My lovely nephews nagged me today about my blog absence! Oh they are so right - it's so easy to get carried away by life and neglect my beloved blog. 
Life has been great around here, spring has come (and actually gone - please spring come back again!), I've been studying hard and enjoying it (Geeeek!), I've been shooting film and enjoying magnolias blossom. We've been to Paris last week and had a blast (I'll post about that later).
This weekend my amazing girl friends visited from Lisbon and my heart was filled with friendship, love and fun. We walked, shopped (they had to buy extra bags - I behaved), saw some great exhibitons (including the most recent at Tate from Damien Hirst), had fun with stickers and stamps and had endless talks like always! They have left already but I am happy!

Here's some pictures: 

We visited the amazing "War Cabinets" created during WWII from where Churchill commanded. Highly recommended. In the above picture you can see a small sign used to tell people living underground how the weather above was.

There you can also visit The Churchill Museum. So incredible interesting - Churchill was an amazing person.

Although these are all from the same day we had really nice food everyday and I got to eat my first fish and chips.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. people do the same thing here, decorating their trees for easter! :)

  2. it was on the street in east london. didn't seem to belong to anyone, maybe a community project. hope you had a lovely easter!


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