30 March 2012


i met mary louise when she made this and this and this and this treasuries featuring my photos - i was so flattered that she liked my images so much. i always visit the shops of people that feature my photos in their treasuries and when i popped into mlmxoxo i was delighted to find a really nice shop with cute wood felt cases for iPhone and iPads (amongst other goodies). so then it strucked me: why don't we make a swap? lovely felt case for your print of choice? she kindly agreed (yupi!) and international mail did the rest.

now I am a proud owner of this lovely case. it works really well and my iPhone is now safe and cool.

i send her these two small prints:

 and was really touched by her reply:

Sara - the photos just arrived and they are even more striking in person. The red torii reminds me of Cristo's project in Central Park which I visited on a very cold day.
And the rickshaw transports me not just to a different place, but a different time. Like Memoirs of a Geisha. I love it. 

thanks mary louise.
i really like swaps.

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