03 February 2012

happy new year

oh no, i did it again! went on months without talking to you and now it's a new year already! bad me and bad my time management. however you would be glad to know that one of my new year decisions was to be more present on this lovely blog. although i'm probably speaking to 3 people this blog is very important to me and i don't want to let it go.
so here's to new starts! last weekend was the official london celebrations of the chinese new year and we went to do some dragon sightseeing. it was nice but didn't that many chinese around, mmm... why? dunno...

in the images below i only used my 50mm lens. i love that lens!


  1. Happy new year for you too! Great shots!!! really nice...
    Olá Sara, http://classiccopenhagen.blogspot.com/ recomendo-te este blog. Näo é meu, mas é muito giro e fala sobre a minha cidade. beijinhos e bom ano

  2. Obrigada Mafalda!

    Vou checkar o site q me enviaste. Aah Copenhaga, já dava lá um pulinho...

  3. Que fotos fantásticas!
    E acho muito bem que tenhas decidido dedicar-te mais ao blog durante este ano - nós continuamos deste lado a querer acompanhar-te :)

  4. Obrigada Ana! Fico feliz!

  5. Uma boa notícia!
    Gosto muito de passar por aqui. Faz parte do meu roteiro de pausas.
    Um ano feliz Sara!


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