03 April 2013

travel: sakura in japan

This time of the year I know I'm bound to miss Japan like crazy. It's the cherry blossoms, the sakura, that incredibly short and powerful moment in the japanese year where nature explodes in the most amazingly beautiful full bloom. It comes, it awes you, it goes. Brief brief brief...

As I have no new images here's some links to old posts of mine...

2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/trrrruuuuuuummmmmmm.html
2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/primavera.html
2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/under-cherry-tree-and-dreaming.html
2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/oh-pra-elas-to-lindas.html
2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/em-portugal-no-h-disto.html
2005: http://fromtokyowithlove.blogspot.pt/2005/04/end-of-party.html
2010: http://moshimoshiii.blogspot.pt/2010/04/sakura-sakura.html
2010: http://moshimoshiii.blogspot.pt/2010/04/sakura-sakura_10.html

And some beautiful images from this year's sakura...

...from hiki: http://jollygoo.blogspot.pt/2013/04/sakura-in-yutenji.html
...from hiki: http://jollygoo.blogspot.pt/2013/03/sakura-on-instagram.html
...from ros lee: http://polkaros.com/blog/hello-spring/


  1. ohhh, que maravilha! ♥
    e que foto linda*


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