05 August 2012

the august break. day 5.

This is a (shaky) shot from our trip to the Balkans. They are all pretty much like this one. A bad combination of shaking hands, plastic cameras and a very probable wrong ASA film.

I call myself a parkinson junior. Not wanting to upset people with this horrible disease, I always had a problem taking proper photos with film cameras, the results were always a bit shaky. When I was 16 I bought my first camera, the Lomo LC-A. Well this was not a good option for my shaky hands and my impatient character - I was teased by my friends (oh my such a trauma, and they didn't know about crazy lomography). I must have destroyed countless films trying to get good pictures.
 It was digital that allowed me to fall back in love with photography and get proper, non shaky photos.

Camera: Lomo Diana F+
Film: god knows! but not a good choice for my shaky hands.

Analog love link of the day: Irene & Artur travel the world (a beautiful saving by Alice)

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