22 August 2012


Time is flying by without much control. The usual I reckon. I'm trying to finish a dissertation without much success. Everyday I'm feeling more tired and on the verge on a breakdown. But I know that I won't break and this thesis WILL.BE.DELIVERED.
I could moan how I'm such a perfectionist and procrastinator (not so great combo) but I'll spare you the pain.
But, in between the crazy amount of hours reading and typing I've been enjoying London.

Went to the Blur concert in Hyde Park and had a blast! I wasn't a big Blur fan and ended the concert in tears and embracing strangers, that's how beautiful it was (or how crazy I am).

This weekend was the hottest in the year (31ºC is crazy for London) and we had our niece in town so it was the perfect excuse to ride a pedal boat in Hyde Park and jump in Hampstead Heath ponds!

I also toured around for a couple of hours with some friends doing a stopover on their way to New York (fancy!), we entered The National Gallery looking for the coffeshop but were deterred by Van Gogh, Gaugin and Monet. I admit that I had never been inside and was appalled by the amazing works exhibited there.

I must have stayed 30mn in front of this Turner.

Yesterday I popped into Mr. Brainwash exhibition in Tottenham Court Road during lunchtime. Some nice stuff, although a bit Banksy meets Andy Warhol. Still I found courage in this print:

All nice relaxing breaks from work, work, work!

Yesterday it was 11 months I moved to London, where has this year been?! There is still so much to see, so much to do! I am still to reflect on this fabulous year but September is coming soon with many decisions to be made... Ooooh do you ever feel like moving on a roller coaster? How do you calm yourself?


  1. Como te compreendo... também perdi muitos 30 minutos, pasma, em frente aos Turner quando visitei a Tate Britain :)
    Quanto as decisões difíceis... neste momento também ando com a cabeça à roda a pensar nelas. Às vezes tenho medo de ficar simplesmente petrificada com o medo e acabar por não decidir nada! Ok, não estou a ajudar :D coragem, estou certa de que irás encontrar a força e a resposta de que precisas dentro de ti ;)

    1. Uma vez li que a única coisa constante na vida é mudança.
      Ter medo é normal mas não decidir também é tomar uma decisão.
      Há que ter confiança que no fim tudo será pelo melhor!


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