09 July 2012

#travel week: 5 movies that will inspire you.

The more concentrated i need to be on my work and the more dreadful this london weather becomes, the more my mind starts wandering for new adventures. i've been dreaming of distant places, exotic landscapes, hot climates, trains, buses, motorcycles and wanderlust...

as i'm not going anywhere anytime soon i decided to do a whole week dedicated to travel! it's not meant to be torture, but inspirational or at least some nice escape moments.

So let's start with inspiration! 5 movies that will make wanna close the computer and hit the road! or sort of.

1. "before sunrise"

cute movie of girl meets boy on the train in europe. she is french and is on her way back to paris and he is american doing an interrail. he has to make time before returning to US and she decides to join him on a sleepless night in Vienna. 
it's about the improbability of encounters, spontaneity, impossibilities and love. 
it also gives you the hope that you can meet ethan hawke on any train in europe (but if you don't try you'll never know...). i watched it over and over with my friends before our first interrail secretly hoping for a similar adventure. it didn't happen but we had a great time.
i truly believe that every european should have in their cv an interrail and erasmus. this things build europe believe me!

2. "motorcycle diaries"

the amazing road trip of che guevara and his best friend alberto granado where it is believed che guevara discovered his life's calling.
i absolutely love this movie. it's about adventure, curiosity, being open to changes, letting yourself change by encounters and friendship.

3. "thelma and louise"

a housewife and a waitress on a trip where everything is bound to go wrong. it's not exactly how you would want your travelling to be (unless you're thrill seeker) and it's not exactly a travel but more of an escape. Still it's a exciting story of adventure, girl power, freedom and friendship - i believe the beauty of the movie it's their partnership. makes you think how important it is who you travel with.

4. "lost in translation"

a nice movie of again improbable encounters and how they can change your life. bill murray is a decadent movie star shooting a whisky commercial in tokyo when he meets scarlett johansson as the bored wife of a cool and busy photographer. their meetings and talks are so sweet and they grow fond of each other in a very implausible way.
it's about the unlikelihood of encounters that only happen when you travel, when you are out of your routine - it had to be there and then. it's also about how being in a totally foreign place makes you more vulnerable and open to others.
it's a very personal choice having lived in tokyo. i watched it a couple of months before moving to tokyo and didn't like it - i thought the japanese were so stereotyped and scarlett was boring to death. i watched it again some months in my experience in japan and it totally made sense then. the japanese still seemed very stereotyped but i could connect better to the sense of displacement and floating the main characters have. now i thing it's a beautiful movie.

5. "into the wild"

a young man after graduating decides to get rid of all his possessions and move into alaska to live in the wilderness. although a bit extreme (travelling doesn't have to mean abandoning all your life) i like how the film explores the idea of life-changing curiosity and again openess to new encounters and new things and how they change you. ultimately travelling is about all that.

have you seen any of these movies? would you add others to the list?

ps: i'm waiting to see this one: on the road based on the jack kerouak's novel.


  1. adorei ! nem mais nem menos, aliás talvez juntasse o Africa Minha, e o Kundun, por serem em lugares ainda muito mágicos .

    também eu estou curiosa por ver esse filme.

    Até lá, pode ser que nos cruzemos numa viagem, durante os nossos sonhos.


    1. Sim, o Africa Minha, um dos filmes da minha vida. Estive para o pôr mas no fim, só podiam ser 5 :)

  2. Excelente! vi todos e o meu favorito dessa lista é o #1 !! (girl fantasies :)))
    AH falta aquele espanhol dos europeus que väo em erasmus para Barcelona!!
    O albergue espanhol! e já agora o actor principal desse filme tb fez um muito bom Gadjo Dilo em que vieja pela Roménia e a musica é excelente!!

    1. Também me lembrei desse (albergue espanhol) mas teria que ser no post "5 filmes sobre mudar de país". hmmm... é uma ideia, aliás!

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