11 June 2012

a weekend in belgium #1

last weekend we boarded the eurostar again this time to brussels to visit some friends there and in antwerp. it was a very very good weekend full of great time with great people and belgium's treats, you know, french fries (shouldn't we say belgium fries since they invented them?), beer, beer, beer, waffles and chocolat. very healthy, indeed!

everybody asked me "why are you going to brussels?" like what's there to see?
i admit it's not the most exciting town in the world and actually coming from london i felt the whole country was empty, i was always thinking why isn't a waiting line for this restaurant? why isn't this square crowded? how come we enter a bar and we can actually find a seat? (ok, london isn't that bad - but close). but i enjoyed walking its streets, checking the chocolate stores and other goodies, book gazing in nice bookshops, making fun of tourists looking at the peeing boy (i know, but i went there, right?), trying to see nice museums but failing (not being able to visit horta's house museum and the cartoon museum was very very disappointing). the whole city is full of cartoon walls and art noveau buildings.

it was of course raining.

but the best was the company. 5 boys and me. all re-united because of some amazing time in japan, 7 years ago. another boy and a girl were missing but next time we will be all together again.

i'm getting more emotional on these travels to meet friends. maybe it's because of the everyday distance from my friends and family or i'm just getting older, anyway, i feel each moment i share with a friend as very special and unrepeatable, something to cherish. we just can't take things for granted.

tomorrow i'll show you more pics from antwerp.

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