30 April 2012

we love fim

i don't really remember how I got to them... but i liked the vibe from the beginning. we love film is a geek's place and it's such a good thing. it's a place for the film lovers. carlos and andré tour the e-bays of this world and find good deals on expired (and non-expired) film. the massive buy makes the films way cheaper and to make the whole process sustainable they share their buys with really good prices. it's such a nice little project. last year in christmas i bought a couple of films and they were quick, efective and so nice! i remember sending an e-mail late at night that carlos replied immediately and the next afternoon i was in front of the beaux-arts school collecting my films - i remember him telling me "you can pay whenever you want!" how nice is that? i remember thinking, this kid doesn't exist! he had never seen me before! i believe now things are a bit different because the project has grown a lot and with popularity it needed some adjustments (like pre-pay). they sell pretty much only in portugal so if you live around and you love film, i highly recommend!

they seem to be very creative and full of ideas for the project. the first achievement was a curated photography exhibition (all analog, of course) "estas fotografias merecem paredes" , something like "these photographs deserve walls". i really hope it's another step to great sucesses!

it ends tomorrow in lisbon, if you are curious (and speak portuguese) check this post and this post.
this was the teaser video they made:

estas fotografias merecem paredes - TEASER from We Love Film on Vimeo.

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