18 April 2012

be grateful

I am once again under a huge pile of work, courseworks and exams and all that jazz. I’ve been through the good moments when everything looked like it was going to unfold gracefully and I have been down in the miserable point where I feel stupid, exhausted and that there was no end for my misery.

Today I decided to stop. Instead of complaining I decided to be grateful. Yes, grateful for work, grateful for challenges, grateful for being able to be here now. How many times will I have this opportunity to be in London studying something new? It feels a bit zen and that’s because it is!

It’s useless to keep daydreaming of perfect days, perfect moments because it’s all in our head, we choose to accept each moment has bad or good. So I’m going for good. Of course I would’ve prefered to have spent this day on a park or just reading a nice book and not be stuck in front of a computer but there are surely worse things and like everything else, nothing lasts forever. I have still a lot in front of me, at least a whole month of hard work but I mean to be mindfull of every step and enjoy this period. Send me your good vibes!

And because it has just fell on my lap and it's great : this music for you.

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