05 March 2012

the art of portrait


I feel so many limitations when it comes to portraits. I hate asking people to take their portrait and doing it without they noticing makes me feel like a thief. Very often my "subject" will understand that it's being observed and I always feel so bad for doing it. But it costs me even more to go and talk to someone and ask "can i get your portrait?"
The above pictures was a rare event. I actually asked the man in the top image if I could take his picture and he reluctantly agree. I was with a group of photographers so somehow I felt more brave. He was at the entrance of his shop and after the portrait fuss I heard his wife from the inside of the shop saying "you can take my portrait, I don't mind! and she looked so decisively to the came. She has a tought look but a gentle smile, must be a strong woman.

So I felt very jealous when I found this project by dannish photographer Jonas Normann called "Sidewalk Talk". His portraits are very simple yet very engaging and they are really beautiful.
Also he made a beautiful video about this project that you should see:

A tribute to the people of Vejle from sidewalktalk.dk on Vimeo.

Well it's good to know that you have still so much to learn.
And you, do you like shooting portraits? Do you ask people?

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