30 November 2011

are you really my friend?

photo by tanja hollander.

like many people i have mixed feelings about facebook. i was never a great enthusiast but i have my account like everyone else and i admit to enjoy strolling through peoples lifes like a voyeur and drop my "likes" every now and then. and i also like to see what my distant friends are doing and believe i'm closer to them with comments and likes. at the beggining i was a "purist" - no, i will never accept anyone who is not my true friend! i soon ate my words when work colleagues and old highschool friends i didn't even remember the existence started asking to "become a friend". i quickly forgot my purist principles and now have 420 friends (too many? too few?) and often ask what is the sense of this community?
many times i abstain myself of saying something personal because shouting to 420 people my feelings or too many personal details feels too ackward. so then it's no longer a group of friends but a group of acquaintances. sometimes i think of using it as marketing for my photos and my shop but it would feel like i'm imposing something to supposed friends and i have created a special page for that anyway.

ok, i'm blabbing here. this long intro to share with you a really interesting project photographer Tanja Hollander created that i found through etsy's blog. she had similar thoughts about FB and on experience of reflection on the modern ways of communication decided to visit every one of her over 600 "friends" and photograph them in their homes. i thinks it's an amazing idea and a very personal journey too. can you imagine talking to all of your facebook friend's face to face?

etsy's blog post | are you really my friend? | the facebook page!

the other day silvia was also talking about her relationship with FB too.

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