21 October 2011

one month

So without really noticing my first month in London flew by!
It has been extremely rich and also a rollercoaster of emotions but I've been hanging on. Maybe, like the image I took above, still feeling a bit lost.
London is a weird city... every 1 in 3 people I cross in the street is not speaking english. Maybe I can give you an idea of how "foreigner" this city is when, at the supermarket, the cashier asked me where I was from. I hadn't even spoke and I've been told I look english (well, probably not but what is english that's my point?). Is it that maybe everyone is always from other place?
Everybody seems to be here in some kind transitional phase, even english people, even if it's been 10 years in town!
It is not helping that in my course we are around 43 students from 18 different countries and only 3 are english (and the only one from London has an italian mother and a japanese father, very londonner I guess). With so many different nationalities and cultures around I sometimes feel I actually moved to Babel Town. I also wonder how this feels for an english person? Do they love this gigantic multicultural community or do they feel their culture is being destroyed by this flow of people?
And then there is London, beautiful London, Victorian London with it's brick facades, with the pubs, with the double-decker bus, with the amazingly beautiful and amazingly big parks. London like an odd scenario to woman in burka, punks, yuppies and young portuguese girls trying to feel a little less lost.

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