03 October 2011

6 months can be a long time. 6 months fly so quickly.

I'm writing these words from my old but confortable appartment in Camden, London. It's been some exciting days (feels like weeks) and I'm still digesting so much novelty.
Since it's been about six months since I last posted properly I decided it was fair to give you an idea of the last months before moving to London.

I've seen my friends babies grow so much and some new ones have joined the family. I've been to family meetings.

I've been out for dinners at crazy chinese restaurants and mistery meals with new friends. I've stayed in for dinner with close friends.  I've been on parks having yummi food in picnics. I've celebrated 5 years of a great love.

I went to my first bullfight. I've seen a friend getting married. I've been dancing for days in a music festival. I've sold my photographic prints on fairs and had a great foreign fan. My grandma has helped me :) I've applied for a master and have been accepted.

I've done a journey of a lifetime from Saint Petersburg to Beijing by train. I've had the world staying at my place with couschsurfing. I've visited my childhood places. We've left the appartment where we were happy. I've hurried to the hospital to visit my grandma. I've left Lisbon for London.

And here I am. Now. Ready.

On a side note, I will write this blog in english. It's a way to get more used to my new everyday language. I am by no means fluent in english but hope you can all understand what I write. I would love to translate what I write to portuguese but, honestly, I don't think I'll have the time :). Thank you for understanding.

A partir de hoje, vou escrever em inglês. Já o fiz e sempre é mais uma maneira de me ir habituando a esta minha nova língua do dia-a-dia. Não sou fluente em inglês mas espero que compreendam o que escrevo. Gostaria de oferecer uma tradução para português mas, honestamente, acho que não vou ter tempo :). Obrigada pela vossa compreensão.


  1. Acabei de ler a tua entrevista no blog da Twiggs e de descobrir que te mudaste para Londres!
    Confesso que sinto uma grande vontade de realizar alguns sonhos e partir também por algum tempo... Aproveita!!
    Fico a aguardar fotos e novidades em inglês :)

  2. Gostei sempre de passar por aqui. Adoro as imagens. Boa sorte!

  3. Obrigada Anas!

    @ ana pina: se te apetece ir, força! arranja maneira, não deixes q se torne um eterno "e se..." :)



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