22 December 2010

how beautiful is this idea?

Maria Alexandra Vettese (mostly known as MAV) photographed the Maine sky and printed the photos directly onto silk scarves

From the exhibition site:
Come Darkness, a project curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese, is a yearly homage to winter light and a chance to welcome in the changing season.

I am always bewildered by the arrival of early autumn darkness. I travel around in my normal routines confused for weeks. This year I felt I needed to try harder to understand the transition. Was there some way I could prepare? Without even knowing it I found I was using my camera as a tool to dissect the final hours of illumination. I became fixated on capturing a momentary blanket of light, of all tones and colors, which I could hold and pull up around me when all I see is black. I wanted to feel the light. I needed to see the light. And now I feel ready. Come darkness, here we are again. 

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