09 November 2010

on solitude


if you live with someone else (a friend, a housemate, a spouse or parents) you may have felt like you don't have a minute alone. i sure have. i work in an open space, my work involves talking to people all day and when i get home the time is too short to shut away and not talk (and of course i enjoy my boyfriends' company and conversations a lot!). very often the world is just too much and i feel i need to escape some place (i always imagine some house by the beach or in the countryside) and just be alone. let my mind float without interruptions, face myself and my fears and just be. and listen to beach house on and on and on.

so i'm home alone this week while my beloved is travelling and while i could keep daydreaming of the house-by-the-beach i'm enjoying these days alone in our place a lot (although still missing my love so much).
because solitude is not loneliness. and it's good to learn to spend time with yourself.

and speaking of solitude i must share a wonderful video where poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis performs a beautiful poem written by her.


  1. Adoro este vídeo... Acho-o reconfortante :)

  2. isto é tão eu!
    this is so me!


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