20 October 2010

daydreaming about berlin

Berlin Alexander Platz
image by werner kunz

i'm daydreaming about berlin, where i'm headed in two days. it's been 9 (!!!) years since last time. i was there with my norwegian classmates for our architecture project site recognition and now, totally by chance, i'll be staying at a friend's place near the same site.

since the day i left i wanted to return and now i can't wait to get on the plane!

i remeber finding it hard to capture an image of berlin, it's so big and complex but i'm sure my camera will shoot a lot! especially if i find (as i'm hoping) beautiful autumn leaves...

if you have any reccomendations please let me know in the comments! danke!

1 comment:

  1. Mein Haus am See para café. Dolores gourmet burritos para....adivinhe-se o quê :) Assim de repente, é do que me lembro que mais gostei. Acho que vais adorar rever Berlim! Boa viagem :)


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