01 August 2010

the august break

so i have decided to take the challenge susannah conway proposed last month called the august break.
there are no rules but a photo (or more) a day, every day of august. THIS will be hard as i haven't been very present here in the blog but I wanna make it work.
I've been having many up and downs recently, some victories, some defeats but sometimes i fear that my so-so-melancholic side will take over my optimism. August is a very slow paced month here in portugal, i'ts too hot and everybody leaves in holidays. I'm staying in town and have decided for my august break to look only for things i like on my everyday life. It's easy to take your life for granted and not enjoy it any more so this will be an exercise of discover beauty in everyday life.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Então?!? Deixaste-te ficar pelo primeiro dia? :-/

  2. Thanks. Gostei da colheita! :D


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