16 August 2010

the japan photo project

pretty impressive this task that tina baguè and toru morimoto embraced: to cover the whole of japan in one year! they started January this year and are half through the project! incredible journey must be! ganbatte!

from the website:
The Japan Photo Project is a unique in-depth documentary photo project initiated by two photographers who plan to explore Japanese society through two different perspectives: the point of view of a Japanese native and the point of view of a Westerner. This collaboration between Toru Morimoto, documentary photographer from Kobe, and Tina Bagué, travel photographer from Barcelona, is an innovative approach that will result in an incredeible body of color and black and white images that will resonate with audiences world-wide. They want to show real Japan by ceating images that embody the true spirit of Japan, which foreigners often do not see and the natives often take for granted. They will travel all over Japan for one year, 2010, by a mortor home. Once the project is completed, the works will become a photography book, and the exhibition will travel as many cities as possible.

visit site here.


  1. So glad I found your photos and your blog!

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Fitri Febriyanti like this :)


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