13 April 2010

mi buenos aires querido

gardel fan

well, what can you say about buenos aires, beyond the obvious?
at first we didn't feel we were in south america because the city feels so... european. the buildings, the shops, the people. nothing really stands out from an european atmosphere. but then you start to feel something different and the most evident is how buenos aires is full of life! you see a stream of people everywhere, people moving in every direction, people getting in and out of shops, of buses, of bars, people enjoying a lazy saturday afternoon in the park, people enjoying the end of day in a bar outside, people enjoying shopping, people enjoying. shops are open late, bars are open early, streets are filled with energy!

beautiful architecture

largest avenue in the world

can you call it an urban beach?

we had a wonderful time with our lovely guide, tsuru, who show us around her favourite places and restaurants! oh, the food and how we were spoiled! we indulged ourselves in standard (now closed!), azema exostic bistro (french chef who once cooked for kurt cobain - and he whispered to me "courtney love is a witch"), a very nice parrilla place i forgot the name, we missed out paru, a fusion between peruvian and japanese food, but we did try a *just* peruvian food restaurant called chan chan (yammi yammi) and... well we only stayed 4 nights in buenos aires!

cualquier verdura
cualquiera verdura
we saw some really nice shops like ateneo bookshop (one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world), papelaria palermo (could live inside!), fabro lab, cualquiera verdura (amazing concept: it's a house and everything is for sale - you go in any room and choose whatever you want, the room has room stuff,m the kitchen has kitchen stuff, the toilet has toilet stuff, you get the point) and many others. in buenos aires it's a true pleasure to walk in the street!

ateneo bookshop

papelaria palermo
papelaria palermo

fabro lab
fabro lab

and then san telmo, a favourite area! we went on a sunday, day of fair, and it was lovely. we saw lots of beautiful antiques, we rested in plaza dorrego café, where jorge luis borges used to seat, we watched some amateur dancing tango and many street performances...

plaza dorrego bar
plaza dorrego café

antique antique

there was no wind

at the bar

open air tango

oh mi buenos aires querido! i could live there so easily (if only it would be closer...)


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    É o destino que agora procuro: Argentina! Por isso aproveito para perguntar: Foi comprado numa agência? E posso saber por qual?

    P.S: As fotos e o texto continuam ao teu melhor nível!

    (Daniela LS)

  2. Não comprámos por agência. Comprámos os bilhetes pela internet, delineámos o percurso mais ou menos com um guida da roughguide e partimos!
    hotéis, hostels, couchsurfing, horários dos autocarros, tours, etc fizémos tudo en route!
    a argentina é fácil de viajar!

    ps:obrigada pelo elogio às fotos


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