04 January 2010

postcard #1

postcard 1

i couldn't thing of something more emblematic of japan than mount fuji. i remember this day so vividly in my mind. we were in shinjuku and someone decided to go up the metropolitan government tower, while others headed to kabuki-cho. i hesitated, i had been there so many times but then i decided to join too. i though you just can't get enough of tokyo from above. happy decision. when we arrive to the top a crowd was gathered against a window. we rushed to see what was attracting so many people and then... there it was, a huge and amazing skyline of mount fuji. i was frozen and speechless. then i got my camera and took so many photographs but not even one can capture how big that lovely mountain seemed. or how huge tokyo is, it seems that it never stops until it reaches fuji-san.

from the series "from tokyo with love"

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