19 February 2006


Fui ver o Brokeback Mountain. Saí do filme achando que "não era nada de especial" e que lhe faltava qualquer coisa para ser mais convincente, para ser mais tocante. E no entanto o filme não me sai da cabeça (e não é só pelo Heath Ledger). Muito se tem escrito sobre o filme. A que mais me choca é que a história é uma banal história de um amor incompreendido. Que seria a mesma coisa se fosse um casal heterossexual e que a nota homossexual é apenas uma maneira de re-contar a mesma história. Não acho mesmo nada. E quem melhor fala sobre isso encontrei no blog da Inês:

"For to see Brokeback Mountain as a love story, or even as a film about universal human emotions, is to misconstrue it very seriously — and in so doing inevitably to diminish its real achievement.
Both narratively and visually, Brokeback Mountain is a tragedy about the specifically gay phenomenon of the "closet" — about the disastrous emotional and moral consequences of erotic self-repression and of the social intolerance that first causes and then exacerbates it."

"Their final vacation together (before Jack is beaten to death in what is clearly represented, in a flashback, as a roadside gay-bashing incident) is poisoned by mutual recriminations. "I wish I knew how to quit you," the now nearly middle-aged Jack tearfully cries out, humiliated by years of having to seek sexual solace in the arms of Mexican hustlers. "It's because of you that I'm like this—nothing, nobody," the dirt-poor Ennis sobs as he collapses in the dust. What Ennis means, of course, is that he's "nothing" because loving Jack has forced him to be aware of real passion that has no outlet, aware of a sexual nature that he cannot ignore but which neither his background nor his circumstances have equipped him to make part of his life. Again and again over the years, he rebuffs Jack's offers to try living together and running "a little cow and calf operation" somewhere, hobbled by his inability even to imagine what a life of happiness might look like. "

A fonte original e completa aqui, também via Educação Sentimental. Recomendo uns minutos de atenção.

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